TraceViz: “Brushing” for Location Based Services


The popularization of Location Based Services (LBS) has created new challenges for MobileHCIion designers in validating the design of their applications. Existing tools designed to play back GPS location traces data streams have shown potential for testing LBS applications and for supporting rapid and reflective prototyping. However, selecting a useful set of location traces from among a large collection remains a difficult task. In this project we present TraceViz, the first system that is aimed specifically at supporting LBS designers in exploring, filtering, and selecting location traces. TraceViz employs dynamic queries and “brushing” to allow LBS designers to flexibly adjust their trajectory filter criteria to find location traces of interest. An evaluation performed with eight LBS designers and developers indicates that TraceViz is helpful for rapidly locating useful traces and also highlights areas for future improvement



TraceViz: “Brushing” for Location Based Services
Yung-Ju Chang, Pei-Yao Hung, Mark Newman
MobileHCI 2012